Peter Hellyer

Birth:November 5, 1947
Death:June 30, 2023

Peter Clark in his Emirate Diaries (Medina Publishing, 2017) has an entry for 16 January 1990 when he was the British Council's director in the Emirates and visiting Abu Dhabi, “I have dinner with Peter Hellyer and his Egyptian wife, Laila, who is a descendent of Zubair Pasha, ...

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Perihan Magden


Turkey's wittiest and most controversial female columnist Turkey's columnists, like Perihan Magden, whose fiery outbursts, her combative independence and her steely conscience, are as important in shaping of public opinion as its news editors. Her writings have earned her a long string of public and private prosecutions in the past. ...

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Pervez Musharraf


Pakistan's former president who alienated huge sections of his own population in pursuit of Washington's approval and friendship. Gen Musharraf who seized power in bloodless coup, in 1999, was head of Pakistan's armed forces when he forced the country's elected prime minister, Nawab Sharif, disgraced with mountain of corruptions, into exile ...

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Pervez Shahidi


Urdu poet devoted to progressive writings. In his collection of verses 'Taslees-I-Hayat', Pervez Shahidi, who has almost been forgotten by the readers of Urdu, shows excellence of his brilliance. A sought after poet Pervez Shahidi frequently visited the length and breath of South Asia in response to his invitations for ...

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Parvin Paidar


Iranian writer and campaigner intent on combining feminism with Islam After 1979 Iranian revolution Parvin became a founder member, in London, of the influential feminist Persian language journal 'Nimeyeh Digar' - a voice to women both in the West and in Iran. She demanded that feminism move beyond a narrow focus ...

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Pasha Al Mallah


Syrian politician and Statesman Al Mallah held several appointments in Aleppo under the Turks including president of the Mixed Commercial Court and Mudir al-Awqaf. He represented Aleppo in the Ottoman Parliament of 1908. Pasha Al Mallah was elected deputy speaker of the Syrian Congress (1919 - 1920), and named Governor of the State ...

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Piri Reis


Ottoman admiral and cartographer whose major text Kitab-I-Bahriya is a collection of navigational charts and sailing instructions.

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Pir Muhammad Karam Shah


Pir Muhammad was the Principal, for forty years, of the famous college, Muhammadia Ghousia, in Bhera, Pakistan. He was one of the greatest authorities on Islam, known popularly as Zia-ul Ummat (luminary of the Ummah). He was the head of the great Chisti tariqah with thousands of disciples and hundreds ...

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Perween Warsi


Bussinesswoman Perween set up a tiny business supplying ready made meals in Derby in 1986. The business grew rapidly and last knowning annually reporting to turnover of £70 million and employing 600 people. Perween the UK's richest Asian woman was awarded an MBE in 1997. Perween Warsi was born in Muzzaffarpur, India, and migrated ...

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