Chadli Bendjedid


Algerian politician The politician Chadli Bendjedid whose ideas for change failed to satisfy his countrymen when he became President in 1979 and introduced democratic reform that sparked a decade-long bloody civil war. The Algerian movement that gained independence from France in 1962 after 132 years of colonial rule was though under Soviet Union ...

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Chandra Muzaffar


Malaysian human rights activist A political scientist, Dr Muzaffar's academic works have focused largely on the issues of civilisational dialogue and the crossroads between religion and human rights. Dr. Chandra Muzaffar is the President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), a human rights advocacy organisation in Malaysia. ...

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Cheikha Rimitti


Algerian folk singer known as the 'mother of Rai music' With her huskily sensual voice and licentious songs Cheikha Rimitti, one of the legends of the Algerian Rai music scene, broke just about every taboo in her native country that appealed the poor and appalled the orthodox. Rimitti was one ...

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Charles Legai Eaton


Writer and scholar. Being a father figure to many white British converts to Islam Gai Eaton was also regarded as one of contemporary Islam's most sophisticated thinkers. A former diplomat, Eaton became a Muslim after studying the religion and spending a year in Cairo. He was also known with the ...

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Cem Karaca


A dissident Turkish singer. Cem Karaca, the rock singer who had a voice of extraordinary forcefulness became successfully a leader of the left, a fugitive from Turkey's military government of the 1980s, and finally an advocate of coexistence between Turkey's secularists and Islamists. Karaca who was a phenomenon who for ...

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Cheikh El Hasnaoui


Singer and poet, the musical voice of exile for generations of displaced Algerians. Hasnaoui's first hit song, A Fadhma (Oh Fatima) in the 1930s on, there emerged the sense of guilt he carried at being responsible for Fatima's - his sweetheart who was married off under the rigid Berber tradition ...

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Choudhri Zafrullah Khan


Diplomat. Choudhri Zafrullah Khan was part of the delegate known as Indian Round Table Conference (1930-32) that went from India to London. He was president All Indian Muslim League (1931), minister of foreign affairs of Pakistan (1947-54), a representative of Pakistan at United Nations (1961-64) and president international Court of Justice (1970...

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Chughtai Khan


The most accomplished son of Changez Khan. Succeeded the throne in 1227. The dynasty known as the Moghul Empire of India was named after Chughtai.

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Choudhury Rahmat Ali


The one who coined the word Pakistan. Rahmat Ali was the person who gave Pakistan its name in the booklet, 'Now or Never', which he published while he was a student in Cambridge University and a young activist of freedom movement. On January 28, 1933 Rahmat's Pakistan declaration pamphlet: Now or Never: ...

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Chanda Saheb


Hussain Dost Khan was related to the Nawab of Arcot, whose daughter he had married. The French General Dupleix appointed him Nawab of Arcot in 1748. Killed by the Marathas, his head was sent to Muhammad Ali Khan who was appointed the Nawab of Arcot by the British.

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