Islamic Cultural Centre’s statement: Michaela Community School

“The head-teacher said that she would never allow kids to pray at her school. London Central Mosque explained to the head teacher that Muslims need to pray in the allotted time of each prayer and there would have to be a solution to allow the kids to pray.” click here.

Paris Olympics & religion

French female athletes will not be allowed to don the hijab – however arrangements are being made for a multifaith prayer room for athletes’ use. click here.

Book Review

A fascinating  and eclectic collection of biographical essays on eight strong-willed women with a connection to Muslim life in Britain. click here.

Books – notices & reviews

A welcome addition to the scholarship on the history of Muslims in Britain. click here.

Dr Adrien Chauvet, a physical chemist who has also studied the Islamic sciences, writes in the introduction to his recently published book dealing with the science vs religion debate, “My goal is not to prove scientifically that God exist – at least not directly – but to demonstrate that scientific logic is not foreign to religious logic. Rather, I shed some light on their complementarity and justify, using scientific methods and arguments, a theistic vision of the here


Remembering Roger Boase, Historian of Andalusia, bridge builder

click here.

Policy report from MCB

This briefing from the Research & Documentation Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is the second in a series of reports on the demographic and socioeconomic profile of Muslims in England and Wales, drawing on Census data from 2021, 2011 and 2001. It is a continuing story of life in deprived with opportunities limited to lower-tier albeit essential jobs. Given the strides made by the community in higher education and the commitment to
a British identity, the need of the hour is a fair deal to overcome entrenched inequalities. click here.

400 British imams & scholars challenge Gove’s ‘extremist’ insinuation

The ‘ulema are signatories to a letter rejecting a new UK government definition of extremism that targetsseveral British Muslim organisations, including CAGE, MEND and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB). click here.

Maulana Adam, religious authority [1937 – 2024]

Tens of thousands assemble at Spinney Park, Leicester for his janaza prayer. click here

Student Loans

BBSI’s timely and comprehensive analysis of the loan contract with recommendations. Click here.


UK General Election tit bits latest Independent & other PPC announcements click here

Metrics of domestic security. click here.

More on the agent who masterminded regime change in 1953 Iran. click here.

Who is banning books? click here

Afghanistan – the great misadventure. Click here.

Book Review

A new book by Peter Clark, author of ‘Marmaduke Pickthall, British Muslim’. Click here.


. Sir Tim Brighouse – a tribute from Muslim civil society

“For those who knew him professionally, or encountered him in seminars, their memory will be of a towering personality, frank, genuinely committed to making Britain an inclusive and pluralistic  society that is  fair in its dealings with its Muslim population.” click here.

Biographical Directory

Over 2000 of historical and contemporary personalities that have impacted the Muslim world… click here.


Islamic Quarterly

How holy is Palestine to the Muslims? – H. S, Karmi click here,

Impact International

The Kalim Siddiqui – Professor Khurshid Ahmad exchange: ‘Whose failure in Pakistan?’ click here


Muslim Minorities: Towards a Practical Education Strategy – Khurram Murad click here.

The Muslim

Symbol and rite in Islam – Omar Austin, click here

Salaam Site Map

London Mayoral Election

An analysis of critical constituencies and the voter registration challenge. click here. .

2024 General Election updates

Latest Independents in Leicester South and Leicester East – click here

MCB’s Zara Mohammed on the Gove ‘Extremism’ definition

“It alienates and deems the very groups and individuals who have opposed extremism as extremists themselves.” click here.

Launch of report ‘Media Bias Gaza 2023 – 24. ” 76% of online articles frame the conflict as an “Israel-Hamas war,” while only 24% mention “Palestine/Palestinian,” indicating a lack of context.” click here.

For those finding the path to Islam

“. . . . We pray that, with Allah as your guide, you will enjoy this wonderful spiritual journey, all the while, showered by His blessings.” From the website launch of a new Muslim support body. click here.