Rushdie attack

Statement from Muslim Council of Britain, click here.

An educationalist’s reflections

Robin Richardson’s scholarly essay, Education and equalities in Britain, 2010–2022: due regard and disregard in a time of pandemic, is a timely intervention from a leading educationalist . click here.

Book review

Much is owed to Professor Fortna’s scholarship for a sympathetic and many-layered biography of Eşref Kuşçubaşı, a heroic officer in military intelligence in the late Ottoman period. It is a work of scholarship with unusual insights into modern Turkish history, and the role played by Eşref and his colleagues in the covert operations unit of the Ottoman military when facing the European powers and internal upheavals. click here.

From the archives of the Islamic Quarterly

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Defining Events

Bosnia: Operation Screwdriver – more revelations of the disregard for Bosnian suffering during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s – Operation Screwdriver. click here.

Fact files that keep track of told and untold past events – some continue to unfold. click here.

Biographical Directory

Over 2000 entries compiled by Nauman Khan. Click here.

Censorship Dossier

Examples where points of view have been suppressed for a variety of reasons including political pressure and cultural sensitivities. However, when Muslims object to the sacrilege of the sacred, it becomes a matter of ‘right to free speech’. click here.

Afghanistan Dossier

Latest in an 11-part compilation, starting 2008, of a great misadventure – the latest about a possible murder enquiry cover up involving the British army. Click here.

In memory

Founder-Editor in Chief of Impact International, guide and counsellor for British Muslims. Obituary notice

His lament on Pakistan, ” . . . then, by and by, the opportunists, the mercenaries and the agents took over”. click here.


Revelations of ‘ undercover operations in Kenya; destablising operations in Indonesia in 1965 – role of the Foreign Office’s Information Research Department (IRD). click here

Rwanda: “Our Report [the Muse Report] concludes that the Genocide was foreseeable. From its knowledge of massacres of civilians conducted by the government and its allies, to the daily dehumanization of the Tutsi, to the cables and other data arriving from Rwanda, the French government could see that a genocide was coming. The French government was neither blind nor unconscious about the foreseeable genocide . . . The role of the French government must be examined.” click here

Hannan Issa connects Beirut with life in Wales

A much acclaimed poem by the recently selected national poet of Wales, connects an everyday experience with nostalgia for the great Fairouz. click here.

Centre for Media Monitoring Report

UK media bias