Pervez Shahidi


Urdu poet devoted to progressive writings. In his collection of verses 'Taslees-I-Hayat', Pervez Shahidi, who has almost been forgotten by the readers of Urdu, shows excellence of his brilliance. A sought after poet Pervez Shahidi frequently visited the length and breath of South Asia in response to his invitations for Mushaira, but only in the later part of his life, he used to decline invitations owing to his ill health. As a devoted member of the Progressive Writers Association with his political commitments, he believed in actively identifying himself with the common people. Mazhar Imam and Yusuf Imam have done a pioneering job by collecting Pervez Shahidi's verses and publishing them in a book what the latter, being a prolific poet, never bothered to assemble them. Born Syed Ikram Hussain, Pervez Shahidi, a man of unassuming posture, who cared least for his self-promotion was born in Patna. He lived and died with great dignity in Calcutta.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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