Umaru Dikko


Nigerian politician Disguised in a priest's cassock Alhaji Umaru Dikko, the Minister of Transport of Nigeria, fled three days after the armed coup in December 1983, for his fear of life and arrived in Britain. In the summer of 1984 Umaru Dikko was seized outside his London's house, drugged and bundled into ...

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Ustad Sultan Khan


Music maestro Renowned Indian classical musician, Ustad Sultan Khan, carried forward the tradition of the instrument called a sarangi. The soulful voice behind hits like 'Piya basanti' and 'Albela sajan aayo re' was that of no other but Ustad Sultan Khan. Hailed from a family of sarangi players in Jodhpur, ...

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Umaru Musa Yar'Adua


Nigeria's reformist president The son of an aristocratic political dynasty of north of Nigeria Yar'Adua embraced left-wing politics in his 20s. Circumstances as much as personal ambition saw him rise to governor, in 1999, of his native Katsina state. He was elected president in April 2007 few would have seen him as ...

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Ulfat Idilbi


Syria's one of loved writers of fiction and a feminist. Born into an elitist family and profoundly affected, as a teenager, by the Syrian revolt against the French Mandate rule in the 1920s, Ulfat's strong messages were in harmony with the Arab nationalist secular Syrian regime. Writing and publishing stories ...

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Birth:15th century

Uzbekistan is named after him. He was chief of a Turkish people who settled and occupied Transoxania before it came under Russian rule in the 19th century. Uzbeks constitute about majority of the population of Uzbekistan.

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Uwais I


The son of Hasan Buzurg, the founder of the Jalayrid dynasty of Iran and Azerbaijan. Uwais enlarged the Jalayrid's domains by seizing Azerbaijan in 1360 and Fares 1361-64. The Jalayrid dynasty lasted till 1432.

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Ustad Ahmad Ma'mar Lahori


One of the architects of the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan, determined that no other ruler should ever copy his glorious masterpiece, Taj Mahal, near Delhi, got 20,000 workers involved in the project. Workers, many of them, were brought from Iran and Central Asia. Some of the senior men who worked there ...

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Birth:6th century

The first great Muslim dynasty was named after him. The Quraish tribe was divided in two clans: Banu Hashim and Banu Ummaya of Makkah. Banu Ummaya had resisted Islam till 627. In the first civil war (fitnah 656-661) the struggle for the caliphate following the murder of Hazrat Usman, Abu Sufian's ...

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Umaru Al Haji

Birth:20th century

One of the best known poets of Nigeria. Umaru's Zuan Nasara (1903) described the arrival of the Christians, and about the British occupation of his country and its disastrous effects. He used to write in Hausa written in Arabic script. Umaru followed the traditions of Usman dan Fodio, the Muslim reformer. ...

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