Radwa Ashour


Egyptian writer and academic A writer of exceptional courage and integrity Radwa Ashour reflected her country's history in her work. Through a series of her novels, memoirs, and literary studies she recorded the unending turbulence of her times including the struggle for freedom, from the end of British influence to ...

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Raha Moharrak


Scaled Mount Everest Raha Moharrak successfully scaled Mount Everest on 18 May 2013. Approaching from Nepal's side of the mountain, Moharrak was one of 64 climbers who reached the peak after climbing all night from the highest camp, the same starting point pioneers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay took in 1953. Hailing from Jeddah, ...

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Raza Ali Abidi


Broadcaster, journalist and author Broadcaster, journalist and author Raza Ali Abidi's published works include travelogues, children's stories and literary books besides several collections of cultural essays. He is known for his radio documentaries on the Grand Trunk Road and the Indus River. There is one part of the world that ...

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Roquia Sakhawat Hussain


Bengali writer and activist A prolific writer and a social worker in Bengal in the early 20th century, Roquia Sakhawat Hussain is famous for her efforts on behalf of gender equality and other social issues. A notable feminist Roquia established the first school aimed at Muslim girls, which still exists ...

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Rachid Ghannouchi


Tunisian scholar and politician, and leading Islamic thinker, who has carried forward Malek Bennabi's intellectual legacy. This is best described in the study by Dr Azzam Tamimi, 'Rachid Ghannouchi, A Democrat within Islamism'

He was arrested on 20 April 2023 and currently remains in detention without access to ...

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Rauf Denktash


Leader of Turkish Cypriots The former leader of the Turkish minority in Cyprus, Rauf Denktash successfully opposed reunification of that divided Mediterranean island in his resolute pursuit of a separate state for his people. In a country split along ethnic and religious lines since 1974, when Turkey invaded the island after ...

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Riad El Solh


The first prime minister of Lebanon The first prime minister of Lebanon (1943-45), after the country's independence Riad el-Solh served again in the same position from 1946 to 1951. Known as one of the most important personalities in Lebanon Riad el-Solh was able to unify his country's various religious groups in the ...

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Rabiya Kadeer


Mother of all Uighurs The exiled Uighur activist Rabiya Kadeer at the height of her wealth and influence, in the early 1990s, was considered the most astute and successful woman in China. Celebrated and accorded high political office by China's Communist Party rulers who distrusted Rabiya Kadeer but hoped to ...

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Reza Seyed Hosseini


Iranian literary critic A prominent Iranian critic and translator Reza Seyed Hosseini was instrumental in introducing western literature to Persian-speaking readers. In his long career Reza translated works by western writers like Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Thomas Mann and Marguerite Duras into Persian. His most important work 'Literary Schools' into ...

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Rabia Balkhi


Persian poet Rabia Balkhi, whose life inspired the eponymous film, was most likely the first female Persian poet and a queen. Her influence prevails in Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan. Kabul's Rabia Balkhi Hospital for women was built in 2003 and named after the country's first and only Queen. Rabia was born ...

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