Vilayat Inayat Khan


Leader of the international Order of Sufis. Vilayat Inayat Khan travelled to India where he underwent rigorous training in meditation and later confirmed as a 'Pir' (master) in Ajmer. He formally assumed his duties as head of the International Order of Sufis in 1956. Pir Vilayat travelled extensively in America, Europe, ...

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Vilayat Hussain Khan


Sitar player who, though steeped in the classical tradition, was an innovative proselytiser for Indian music. Ustad Vilayat Khan who carried the tradition forward yet made significant innovations - mixing the East and the West in his music, and one of the greatest maestros of sitar players of his age. ...

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Viqar Ul Mulk


India's prominent educational and political activist An ardent activist in the educational development and political processes of India's Muslims, Nawab Viqar Ul Mulk got involved in the nascent movement of the Aligarh Muslim University. Respected by the students at large, he became an honorary secretary of Aligarh College, in 1907, after ...

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Vaikom Muhammad Basheer


A legendary Malayalam writer and a freedom fighter. Bashir wrote many books including Balyakala Sakhi, Pathummaynde Adu, etc.

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