Pasha Al Mallah


Syrian politician and Statesman Al Mallah held several appointments in Aleppo under the Turks including president of the Mixed Commercial Court and Mudir al-Awqaf. He represented Aleppo in the Ottoman Parliament of 1908. Pasha Al Mallah was elected deputy speaker of the Syrian Congress (1919 - 1920), and named Governor of the State of Aleppo (1924 - 1926). Pasha Al Mallah acquired the rank of Beylerbey from Sultan Abdul Hamid and was awarded several Ottoman, Syrian and French decorations. Pasha Al Mallah was described as the leading notable of Aleppo and was one of its richest men and in Gertrude Bell's Diaries, he is mentioned as Mur'i Pasha al Mallah.'

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan / Amr Al Mallah

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