Jamil Ahmad


Pakistani novelist Having served as a civil servant in Pakistan's lawless tribal regions Jamil Ahmad's adventure inspired him to write a novel Wandering Falcon that became a literary sensation. The novel, published in 2011, follow a wandering orphan as he travels 'the tangle of crumbling, weather-beaten and broken hills' where the ...

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Joko Widodo


Indonesia's president who styles himself a man of the people. Universally known as Jokowi, Joko Widodo former governor of Indonesia's capital Jakarta became the seventh president, in 2014, of the world's third-largest democracy - a nation of far flung archipelago of 250 million people, 13,466 islands, three time zones, 360 ethnic groups and 719 languages. ...

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Jamalul Kiram III


Self-proclaimed Sultan A descendant of the of the Sultan of Sulu, Jamalul Kiram led a quixotic military effort to regain part of the island of Borneo for his family. In February 2013, Jamalul Kiram directed a younger brother to lead several hundred fighters in an armed incursion into Borneo to regain ...

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Jamal Al Din Al Qasimi


A leading modernist A leading modernist Jamal al-Din al-Qasimi, wrote more than 2000 works on Islamic law, theology, exegesis or Arab history. He aimed at eliminating the rivalries between schools of thought and diversity in Islamic sensibilities and proving the Islamic teachings being rational. Based at Damascus, Jamal al-Din al-Qasimi influenced ...

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Javad Nurbakhsh


Iranian Sufi and a noted psychiatrist. A Sufi who was also a noted psychiatrist, author and medical clinic director, Javad Nurbakhsh, established many khanaqahs in many parts of Iran and across the wide world. As the head of psychiatry department at Tehran University, Javad also served as director of the ...

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Jabir Herbert Muhammad


He managed the American athlete who 'literally changed the world of sports forever.' The man who became Muhammad Ali's boxing manager after Ali's conversion to Islam was Jabir Herbert Muhammad. The morning after winning the crown by knocking out Sonny Liston in 1964, then known as Cassius Clay, he confirmed ...

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Jaweed Al Ghussein


Palestinian philanthropist and educationist In 1964, having moved his family to Britain, al-Ghussein set up, with an American consortium, an engineering and construction company, Cordoba, in Abu Dhabi. The company became a major player in establishing the infrastructure of the UAE - from the water pipeline to roads, hospitals, and many ...

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Jaffar Zaheer


Air Marshal of Indian Air Force Throughout in his career, steeliness and principled stand was the hallmark of Jaffar Zaheer Air Marshal of Indian Air Force. While he headed India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Zaheer refused to withdraw the case against Indira Gandhi's unruly son, Sanjay, for flying a ...

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Jennifer Musa


She dedicated her life to a tribe in Baluchistan Known as 'Mummy Jennifer' who married the scion of a noble Pathan family that played a key role in bringing the oil-rich province of Baluchistan into Pakistan after its creation in 1947. She founded an ice factory, became the first woman member ...

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Jaleh Mohajer Esfahani


Iranian poet of hope One of the most prolific and active voices in Iranian literature Jaleh Mohajer-Esfahani won respect for her heartfelt but controlled verses on exile, happiness and hope. Her verses are covered by love and the joy of life in the centre stage - a mixture of sad ...

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