Esmail Kiram II


Self-proclaimed sultan of Sulu The self-proclaimed Sultan of Sulu, Esmail Kiram II encouraged a last-ditch, violent effort to regain part of the Malaysian island of Borneo for the Philippines. Though he claimed the title of sultan of Sulu, several other descendants of the original sultan, who lived in the 15th ...

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Eyad El Sarraj


Psychiatrist who fought for rights of Palestinians. The Palestinian psychiatrist, Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, pioneered mental health care in Gaza and was internationally recognised human rights advocate. Rising to prominence during the first Palestinian uprising against Israeli military occupation, in Gaza in the late 1980s, Dr. Sarraj focused in particular on ...

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Ezzatollah Sahabi


Democracy activist of Iran Opponent of the Shah who ruled Iran until the Islamic revolution of 1979 Ezzatollah Sahabi who was a liberal backed away from what he believed the increasing harsh regime that followed. A socialist and a key figure in the Freedom Movement of Iran (Nehzat-e-Azadi-ye Iran) Sahabi was ...

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Ertugrul Osman


Link to Ottoman dynasty The descendant of the Anatolian ruler, Ertugrul Osman, who might have ruled the Ottoman Empire, but for the establishment of the Turkish Republic, proclaimed in 1923, spent most of his life in an apartment in Manhattan, New York. The Anatolian ruler, Osman I, who in 1299 established the ...

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Elnur Mammadli


Azerbaijan's 2008 Olympian. He won gold 73kg medal in Judo in Beijing 2008 Olympic. He competed in the last 3 Super World Cup 2008, his most successful year in the championship where he improved from 2nd in 2007 to 1st place in 2008.

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Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim


Ebrahim is a South African Muslim who was at the centre of the anti-apartheid struggle. He was imprisoned for fifteen years and tortured, but emerged with a valiant spirit that will serve as an inspiration for years to come. Born in Durban in 1937, he completed his Primary Education at the ...

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Elaheh Koulaci


Iranian vocalist One of the best known female vocalists, whose singing career spanned more than half a century, Elaheh's several performances included the popular National Radio programme. 'Golha', hosted many highly esteemed Iranian vocalists. Her best-known songs include 'Rosvayeh Zamaneh' (Revealed to the World) and 'Az khoon-e Javanan-e-Vatan Laleh Damideh' (...

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Elif Shafak


Turkey's controversial novelist An award-winning novelist who has published her sixth novel, 'The Bastard of Istanbul' (2006) had a brush with the Turkish authority over her novel. This is a deftly spun tale of two families - one Armenian-American and the other Turkish - who are burdened by dark secrets and ...

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El Hachemi Guerrouabi


Chaabi musician of Algeria A prolific musician and master who reinvigorated the traditional, lute-based chaabi - a music that emerged at the turn of the 20th century in the Algiers casbahs and cafes - el-Hachemi Guerrouabi was well known for weaving themes from traditional love songs with mystical Sufi text. <...

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Ebrahim Muhammad Fakhroo


An advocate of political and social reforms in Bahrain. In 1938, Fakhroo was imprisoned for taking part in a protest against the deportation of key nationalist figures to India. Fakhroo was one of the founding members of the first Bahraini National Union Committee (NUC), in 1954, symbolising the national unity of all ...

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