Pir Muhammad Karam Shah


Pir Muhammad was the Principal, for forty years, of the famous college, Muhammadia Ghousia, in Bhera, Pakistan. He was one of the greatest authorities on Islam, known popularly as Zia-ul Ummat (luminary of the Ummah). He was the head of the great Chisti tariqah with thousands of disciples and hundreds of scholars, teachers and Imams. Pir Muhammad Shah's success in instilling in his students a sense of dedication and tqwa rather than just developing their intellect drew students from all over Pakistan. He wrote many articles particularly in the monthly Zia-e-Haram founded by him in 1970. His magnum opus is the seven-volume, in Urdu, Zia-un-Babi on the life of the Prophet (PBUH). Pir Muhammad Shah served on various government bodies, was a judge on Shari'ah Bench of the Supreme Court in Pakistan and was an advisor to the Darul Mal Al Islami. Pir Muhammad Shah was awarded Sitara Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan and Al-Azhar University honoured him with a gold medallion in 1993. Pir Muhammad Karam Shah a very simple and exemplary man was born in Bhera, Pakistan and died in Islamabad.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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