Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz


He was an Ummayyad caliph known for his piety and most respected. His father Abdul Aziz was related to Hazrat Umar. He was appointed governor of the Hejaz in 706. During the time of his accession, there was discontent among the Muslims about the Ummayads for putting political interests ahead of ...

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Umar Al Mutawakil


The ruler of the Aftasid dynasty of Spain. Umar tried to annex Toledo in 1080, which was held by another Muslim ruler. When Alfonso took Toledo in 1085, Umar along with other Muslim rulers of Spain appealed to the Almoravid of Morocco for assistance. Almoravids defeated Alfonso in 1086 and thus established a ...

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Ustad Mansur

Birth:17th century

A leading painter at the court of Jahangir, the Moghul king of India. Mansur was famous for his paintings of animals, birds and natural life studies. On a trip to Kashmir, Jahangir ordered him to paint varieties of flowers, stating in his memoirs that the number exceeded one hundred.

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Usman dan Fodio


Muslim religious leader and founder of the Sokoto Caliphate in what is now northern Nigeria. A Fulani born in the Hausa state of Gobir, Usman dan Fodio studied the Koran with his father, an eminent scholar, then moved from place to place to study with other religious scholars. When he ...

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Uzun Hasan


The ruler of Turkman dynasty from 1453. He married Catherine, daughter of the Christian emperor of (Trebizond) - Anatolia to secure his western borders. He had also diplomatic ties with Venice, Muscovy, Burgundy, Poland and Egypt. He annexed Azerbaijan and Iraq (1467) and by 1469 occupied the whole of Iran. Ottomans defeated him ...

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Ustad Jaffar Hussain Khan


India's well-known qawwali singer. Ustad Jaffar won laurels at the international Sufi festival in Europe (1981), the Festival of India in France (1985) and Sangeet Natak Akademi Award (1986).

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Ustad Ali Akbar Khan


Indian Sarod player, composer and musician. Ustad Ali Akbar Khan under the training of his father became the court musician of Maharaja of Jodhpur. Smaller than the sitar, the sarod has an unfretted fingerboard made of metal. Of the 25 metal strings, 10 are played, the rest are sympathetic. The strings are ...

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Usman Dinga


The Sudanese leader of the Mahdist revolt which broke out in 1881. When Osman heard of the advent of Muhammad Ahmad al Mahdi, he became his follower in 1883. He was given the task of propagating in his Beja tribe. With the help of his tribesman he took the principal town of ...

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Usman Ali Khan


The seventh Nizam of Hyderabad, India. Usman Ali Khan, who succeeded his father, Mahboob Ali Khan, in 1911, was once the richest man in the world. He ruled over a state in India, which was the size of Italy, from 1911 to 1948. Despite the British colonial rule in India Nizam was allowed ...

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