Ezzedin Salim


Iraqi politician whose co-operation with the American appointed Iraqi Governing Council cost him his life. Salim spent a lifetime in Iraqi exile before returning home after the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003. He was in the middle of a month-long stint as acting president of Iraq's US-appointed governing council, ...

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Emad Al Fayed


A film producer and business executive. Dodi (also known as) sprang startlingly into prominence as the latest man to become romantically associated with Diana, Princess of Wales. 'Dodi had all the money in the world, but he wanted fame. He died with the most famous women (Diana) in the world', ...

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El Hadj Umar Ibn Said Tall


The West African leader who started a holy war and established an empire. Umar conquered the lands stretching between the head waters of the Niger and Timbuktu. His Tukolor Empire extended up to western Sudan where his family ruled till the last decade of the 19th century when the French ...

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Elijah Muhammad


A US religious leader. Elijah was born a Christian, but after meeting W D Fard, the founder of the 'Nation of Islam', he accepted Islam in 1930. Elijah began advocating black nationalism and by 1970 his movement had a following of up of 250,000 with its own schools, mosques and a weekly newspaper ...

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Enver Hoxha


An Albanian communist leader. Hoxha was born in a Muslim family, and was chosen in 1942 to lead the resistance movement in Italian occupied Albania.

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Essad Pasha


The Albanian political leader who joined the young Turk movement in 1908 and was appointed Deputy for Albania in the Turkish Parliament. During the First World War the French authorities recognised him as head of the Albanian government. An Albanian assassinated him in Paris.

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Eqbal Ahmad


Political scientist and peace activist. Eqbal was 'a man of enormous charisma and incorruptible ideals, he was a prodigious talker and lecturer.' He had excellent academic achievements and had formidable knowledge of history. Eqbal travelled all over the world and in the later part of his life he divided ...

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Enver Maloku


Well-known ethnic Albanian journalist and head of the Kosovo Information Centre, Pristina, was shot dead near his home by unknown assailants. He was a committed and articulate advocate of the independence of Kosovo.

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Emin Pasha


The German doctor, born of Jewish parents, accepted Islam in Albania, where he practised. After 1876 Emin Effendi served the Egyptian Government where he was given the title of Pasha. General Gordon appointed him governor of the equatorial province in 1878. Emin Pasha was a linguist and added enormously to the knowledge ...

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