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Major -General Nawab Malik Sir Mahomed Umar Hayat Khan Tiwana (1874-1944)-NPG

Forgotten Heroes

[image: Hayat Khan Tiwana, the first Indian holding a commission in World War I, later reaching the rank of Major General] Birmingham Mail reports, ‘ Twice as many Muslim soldiers supported Allied forces in World War One than was previously thought, … read more



Brutality in Cairo

  Jack Shenker writing in the Guardian, ‘More than 4,600 academics from across the globe have signed an open letter protesting against the death of Giulio Regeni, a Cambridge PhD student from Italy whose body was found on the outskirts … read more

Muslims in Britain


Affirmations of faith

All those involved in this project at the HRH Prince Al-Walid Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge deserve praise for placing an important study in the public domain. It needs to be read within mosques and … read more



Recep Senturk: Religion as a Chain of Memory

Just as there has not been any society without religion, there has never been a leading sociologist who did not deal with the relationship between religion and society. From Ibn Khaldun to Karl Marx and Max Weber and to Talcott … read more



Sahibzada Yaqub Khan

‘ . . . Sahabzada also served as Pakistan’s envoy to the Soviet Union and France, and was Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar’s United Nations special representative for Western Sahara. He served as an ambassador from 1972 to 1982, under … read more



#visitmymosque day

#VisitMyMosque day is a national initiative facilitated by The Muslim Council of Britain, where British mosques open their doors to the general public, share tea and cakes alongside an insight. To date around 100 mosques are participating in the event planned … read more


Extended end date: Electricians

Qualified Graduates with Professional Electrical Certificate or equivalent from UK or a European country, looking for a one year immediate contract in Saudi Arabia are invited to send their CV with details of qualifications and experience  . . . closing date … read more


Tories & Tradition

Oliver Letwin is very much in the tradition of Tory social engineers . . . click here. read more

Surveillance State


Channel Programme metrics

Mark Tran in the Guardian, ‘More than 300 people referred to a deradicalisation scheme between June and August were under 18, figures show. Of the 796 individuals reported to the government’s Channel programme for possible intervention, 312 were under 18, statistics … read more



Surah Al-Qalam

Ustadh Saleem Kayani’s study circle – mp3 file tafsir of Surah Al-Qalam (68), based on Amin Ahsan Islahi’s Tadabbur-e Qur’an, click here read more