Afghanistan – Pride & Prejudice – Part XI

9 December 2019

Peter Beaumont in the Guardian, “The 2,000 pages of documents reveal the bleak and unvarnished views of many insiders in a war that has cost $1tn (£760bn) and killed more than 2,300 US servicemen and women, with more than 20,000 injured. Tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have died in the conflict.” source.

16 November 2019

Patrick Cockburn in the Independent, ” Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, the British ambassador in Kabul at the time, wrote in his memoirs that the worst mistake made by the Foreign Office in the previous 30 years was the invasion of Iraq, and the second worst was “its enthusiastic endorsement of Britain’s half-baked effort to occupy Helmand in 2006”. The allegation that war crimes were committed – to be claimed in a BBC Panorama programme on Monday evening – is in keeping with Britain’s dismal record in these conflicts.” source.

10 October 2019

UNA, “The United Nations said on Wednesday that “Multiple” airstrikes by the US military on alleged methamphetamine drug labs in a remote area of western Afghanistan earlier this year, killed or injured dozens of civilians who should not have been treated as military targets.” Source.

19 September 2019

The Guardian citing Reuters, ” A US drone strike intended to hit an Islamic State hideout . . . has killed at least 30 civilians who were resting after harvesting pine nuts . . . Afghanistan’s defence ministry and a senior US official in Kabul confirmed the drone strike, but did not share details of civilian casualties. ” Source

16 September 2019

Lilly Pucket in the Independent, ” We’re certainly not going to sit still and let them carry out some self-described race to victory,” said US Marine General Kenneth McKenzie, the head of US Central Command, to reporters last week . . .” Source

8 February 2019

Simon Tisdall in The Guardian, ” The idea, promoted by successive US administrations and Nato partners such as Britain, that Afghanistan could become a model nation-building exercise has long since been exposed as a neoliberal fantasy.” Source

4 February 2019

Ian Cobain in MiddleEast Eye, ” The British army operated rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan that at times allowed soldiers to shoot unarmed civilians who were suspected of keeping them under surveillance, a Middle East Eye investigation has established. ” Source

1 January 2019

Robert Kaplan in the New York Times, ” No other country in the world symbolizes the decline of the American empire as much as Afghanistan.” Source.