AbdelWahab El-Affendi is a political scientist and a distinguished writer on topics dealing with Islamic thought in its various facets: encounter with modernity, Islam and Politics, Islam and Democracy, Multiculturalism, Islam in the West, Muslim Intellectuals and Sudanese and Middle Eastern Politics.

He is a media commentator, in both Arabic and English. Born in Sudan with dual British and Sudanese Citizenship, he has lived in the UK since 1982. Dr El-Affendi is Reader in Politics at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster and co-ordinator of the Centre’s Democracy and Islam Programme.

He was educated at the Universities of Khartoum, Wales, and Reading,  Dr El-Affendi’s many publications include Turabi’s Revolution: Islam and Power in Sudan (1991). He is also member of the Advisory Council of Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies, University of Edinburgh, member of the Board of Directors of Inter-Africa Group (Addis Ababa), and a trustee of the International Forum for Islamic Dialogue (UK). He has served as  Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Islamic Studies at Cambridge University, and  Visiting Fellow/Professor at the Christian Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway (1995 and 2003), Northwestern University (2002), and the International Centre for Islamic Thought and Civilization, Kuala Lumpur (2008).

source: http://abdelwahab-el-affendi.net/bio.html

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