Reflections on A Q Khan

‘Great Patriot’ subject to double standards? Click here.

Afghanistan: hubris & defeat

Since 2007, an 11-part dossier has been tracking a disastrous, vengeful intervention much lauded at the outset – the late Michael Novak had rationalised it as “morally obligatory” while one British general declared that the bombardment and occupation met ‘Just War’ criteria . Now in 2021, after irreparable human suffering, the acceptance that it was largely a futile and counter-productive exercise. click here

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Foreign Protocols

Revelations of destablising operations in Indonesia in 1965 – role of the Foreign Office’s Information Research Department (IRD).

Rwanda: “Our Report [the Muse Report] concludes that the Genocide was foreseeable. From its knowledge of massacres of civilians conducted by the government and its allies, to the daily dehumanization of the Tutsi, to the cables and other data arriving from Rwanda, the French government could see that a genocide was coming. The French government was neither blind nor unconscious about the foreseeable genocide . . . The role of the French government must be examined.” click here

Bosnia: Operation Screwdriver – more revelations of the disregard for Bosnian suffering during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s – Operation Screwdriver. click here.


Facebook’s ban on the promotion of a book on the Palestinian resistance. Click here.

Mosque Archives

The East London Mosque houses a purpose-built archive strong room holding records dating back to 1910, chronicling the long struggle of Muslims to establish the vibrant and inclusive mosque and centre that stand there today.  click here.

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Fighting the environmental blight

M Iqbal Asaria’s report on the work of environmental pioneer ‘Uncle Idris’ and the Consumer Association of Penang, from the Afkar archives, July 1985 click here

UK media bias


Controversy over Oxford University Press India’s handling of a book with implied criticism of Prime Minister Modi. click here.

Defining Events

Fact files that keep track of told and untold past events – some continue to unfold. click here.

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Biographical Directory

Over 2000 entries compiled by Nauman Khan. Click here.