Remembering Sadiq Al-Mahdi (1935-2020)

Twice Prime Minister of Sudan, Sadiq Al-Mahdi, was the hereditary head of the Ansar Order and leader of the Umma Party. His lecture at the FOSIS annual conference in 1975 contained much wisdom. and showed careful reading of Abul ‘Ala Maududi’s work. Click here.

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Long Read: Zubair Pasha remembered – the life and times of an illustrious Nineteenth Century Sudanese Patriot click here

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The Quest for a moral economy

Professor Iqbal Asaria delivering The Ismaili Centre 2020 Global Milad un-Nabi Lecture, London. click here.


Afghanistan – Pride & Prejudice Part XI – call for investigation into unlawful killings by UK special forces, following Australian findings. Click here.

Secret State – foreign protocols. Click here.

Monitoring civil society – more revelations from David Barr QC’s inquiry on undercover operations click here.

Fact files that keep track of told and untold past events – some continue to unfold. click here.

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British Muslima’s initiative

Manchester-based Ayesha’s mission: ” It is important to us that all children, particularly from marginalised communities, should see themselves in stories.” click here.  

Afkar/Inquiry Archive

Shaikh Sha’a’rawi, 1911-1998

AbdelWahab Effendi’s classic biographical essay on Shaikh Sha’arawi of Egypt: his view on Ibn Khaldun, the clash with the Ikhwan, immense popularity click here.

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Discovering Delhi’s bookstores. click here.

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Biographical Directory

Over 2000 entries compiled by Nauman Khan. Click here.

Defining Events

‘Lest we forget’ – documentation on key episodes in British Muslim life – LATEST: declassified documents reveal callousness of US and French politicians in responding to ethnic cleansing in here