When Maulana Maududi came to London & the launch of Impact International – some personal stories click here

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Defining Events

‘Lest we forget’ – documentation on key episodes in British Muslim life – LATEST: declassified documents reveal callousness of US and French politicians in responding to ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. click here

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Post of the Day

In her ‘Stealing from the Saracens – How Islamic Architecture shaped Europe’, Diana Darke “traces ideas and styles from vibrant Middle Eastern centres like Damascus, Baghdad and Cairo, via Muslim Spain, Venice and Sicily into Europe” – just published by Hurst. click here.


Fact files that keep track of told and untold past events – some continue to unfold e.g. the Galileo GPS saga; the Afghanistan war – a unique 13-year archive – LATEST:

Afghanistan: the withheld facts on SAS’s civilian executions. Click here.

Secret State – Foreign Protocols: Iran’s 1953 Coup – new revelations. Click here.

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Long Read: Zubair Pasha remembered – the life and times of an illustrious Nineteenth Century Sudanese Patriot click here

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Book Reviews

Long and short reviews – LATEST: Algeria’s rich cultural heritage – Sites et monuments antiques de L’Algérie translated & revised by Philip Kenrick. click here.

Muslims in Britain – Who’s Who

Recent updates – Profiles of two eminent British Muslims, Dr. Musharraf Hussain & Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari.

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Biographical Directory

Over 2000 entries compiled by Nauman Khan. Click here.