Ramadan Health Guide 2024

Prepared by the MCB, British Islamic Medical Association & the Muslim Spiritual Care Provision project. Click here.

Ramadan start Monday 11 March subject to crescent sighting.

Written by Dr Irfan Khawaja of Birmingham City University in association with the Youth Sport Trust, Association for Physical Education, Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity and the Muslim Council of Britain. Click here.

Tariq Ramadan exonerated again

Journalist Ian Hamel of the Swiss journal Le Point was fined by a court for his defamatory article on Professor Tariq Ramadan. According to the judges, Hamel “deceived the reader, which, beyond the criminal aspect, constitutes professional misconduct.” click here.

Book Review

Dr Fazaluddin in this work applies Amin Ahsan Islahi’s scheme of grouping Qur’anic surahs according to shared themes to the concept of ‘Conciliation’. The book examines how this concept remoulds and extends as one traverses through the seven surah groupings. It is a work with much contemporary relevance, particularly in shaping Muslim conduct in relations with those of other faiths or no faith. click here.

Allama Iqbal’s message

Words of advice from a veteran

Dr Hani El-Banna’s advice to a community body – Leave a Space, Create a Space, Fill the Gap. Click here

Think piece

Reflections on Bangladesh’s Grameen Bank, Malaysia’s Tabung Haji, Kenya’s M-pesa as success stories in financial inclusion – by Professor Iqbal Asaria. click here,

Italian scholarship on the Qur’an

Dr Sabrina Lei, associated with the research institute Tawasul Italy, has recently completed a translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s work on the Qur’an. click here.

Books – notices & reviews

A welcome addition to the scholarship on the history of Muslims in Britain. click here.

Dr Adrien Chauvet, a physical chemist who has also studied the Islamic sciences, writes in the introduction to his recently published book dealing with the science vs religion debate, “My goal is not to prove scientifically that God exist – at least not directly – but to demonstrate that scientific logic is not foreign to religious logic. Rather, I shed some light on their complementarity and justify, using scientific methods and arguments, a theistic vision of the world.click here

Muslims and the Media

A forensic study on how TV outlets covered the Home Secretary’s misleading statement that associated grooming with British Pakistanis. click here.

Noor Inayat Khan remembrance

Shrabina Basu hosts a memorable ‘evening of remembrance’ for the British Muslim war heroine, musician and poet. Her writings have been published by Suluk Press under the title Dream Flowers. click here.

Kew Gardens – unique display

A world-premiere exhibition of 30 brand-new botanical paintings by artist Sue Wickison. The displays are . In collaboration with Kew scientist Dr Shahina Ghazanfar, who has researched and written Plants of the Qur’ān: History & Culture, click here.

Student Loans

BBSI’s timely and comprehensive analysis of the loan contract with recommendations. Click here.


UK General Election tit bits: Ilford South PPC; new grassroots initiative in Redbridge; by-elections, Independent PPCs, speculations on GE date, Muslim civil society initiatives, history & more click here

Metrics of domestic security. click here.

More on the agent who masterminded regime change in 1953 Iran. click here.

Who is banning books? click here

Afghanistan – the great misadventure. Click here.

Book Review

A new book by Peter Clark, author of ‘Marmaduke Pickthall, British Muslim’. Click here.


. Sir Tim Brighouse – a tribute from Muslim civil society

“For those who knew him professionally, or encountered him in seminars, their memory will be of a towering personality, frank, genuinely committed to making Britain an inclusive and pluralistic  society that is  fair in its dealings with its Muslim population.” click here.

A tribute to a former colleague in the Federation of Student Islamic Societies of UK & Eire and founder of the Ibn Abbas and Aisha Siddique madrassas in Karachi – Dr Amjad Ali. click here.

Yusuf Islam’s reflection on the life of fellow-singer, the late Sinead O’Connor. click here.

Dr Shabbir Akhtar, remembered by Ishtiaq Ahmed Their journeys are short but their impact is for generations to come. click here.

Biographical Directory

Dr Abdul Bari’s tribute to the late Neil Jameson. click here.


Islamic Quarterly

How holy is Palestine to the Muslims? – H. S, Karmi click here,

Impact International

The Kalim Siddiqui – Professor Khurshid Ahmad exchange: ‘Whose failure in Pakistan?’ click here


Muslim Minorities: Towards a Practical Education Strategy – Khurram Murad click here.

The Muslim

Symbol and rite in Islam – Omar Austin, click here

Salaam Site Map

London’s National March for Palestine

Organised by Friend of Al-Aqsa, Peace in Palestine, thousands take to the streets again in Saturday 28 October 2023, to voice their horror at the Israeli air and ground assault on Gaza, ignoring the UN General Assembly’s overwhelming majority vote calling for an immediate humanitarian truce.

Sombre prayer vigil outside Downing Street

Click here.

Palestine – MCB statement

For 75 years, Palestinians have endured decades of illegal Israeli occupation, oppression and apartheid. They have experienced attacks on their towns, cities, and refugee camps, not to mention the thousands who have been killed indiscriminately. It is imperative to safeguard the lives of all civilians and protect their homes, hospitals and places of worship [ . . .] In the midst of it all it is crucial we do not allow these tensions to affect our communities here in the UK. There is the risk that at times like these both Islamophobia and Antisemitism rise. We must be proactive to ensure that this is not the case and our communities can come together for the common good. click here.

Medical Research Council under scrutiny

Investigations point to a radio isotope introduced into chapatis without informed consent.. click here.

A Muslim civil society foundation making a difference

With ‘A’ level results imminent, the Al-Noor registered charity provides support. click here.

London’s avant-garde calligrapher

Soraya Syed is a classically trained calligrapher and artist dedicated to bringing the ancient art of Arabic calligraphy into the 21st century through film, dance, VR, and three-dimensional sculptures. click here

Action on rampant Tory Islamophobia

Click here

Book Review

A fascinating  and eclectic collection of biographical essays on eight strong-willed women with a connection to Muslim life in Britain. click here.

Massive London rally – 17 February

A show of solidarity to stop another Srebrenica. click here

What happened at the Interfaith Network?

A letter from MPs to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities and Minister for Intergovernmental Relations, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP sheds new light on hostility towards a Muslim civil society organisation. click here.

Tribunal ruling on “anti-Zionism”

Prof. Miller [Bristol University] successfully claimed discrimination based on his philosophical belief that Zionism is inherently racist, imperialist, and colonial, a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, alongside a finding of unfair dismissal. This judgment establishes for the first time ever that anti-Zionist beliefs are protected in the workplace. click here

Statement from National Education Union on Gaza

” The NEU extends its solidarity to educators, their trade unions and students in the region. Over 12,000 Palestinians, including around 4,600 children, have been killed in Gaza since 7 October. These figures include over 130 teachers and school administrators. A further 403 teachers have been injured in Gaza while some 1,500 children, have been reported missing and may be trapped or dead under the rubble. In the occupied West Bank, over 150 children have been killed [. . .]” click here.

Saturday 13 January – a river of compassion

Friends of Al-Aqsa called for a National March for Palestine: “will you march through the streets of central London with us?” The response from the British public was overwhelming.

Launch of much needed conciliation service

A professional service from a British Muslim scholar and lawyer for settlement of civil, commercial and employment disputes. click here.

Sir Iqbal Sacranie on Gaza

“[ . . .] But it is quite evident we are dealing with individuals, a state, supported by so-called superpowers, whose aim is not to bring any concerns about humanity in the foreground  [. . .] click here.

Dutch alert: Veering to right wing, Muslim hating political climate

A comment from the Muslim Council of Britain. click here

Senior most Muslim Parliamentarian makes stand on Gaza

click here

The Great London March for Gaza

11/11 will be remembered by all those who walked from Hyde Park Corner across Vauxhall Bridge. click here.

Yusuf Islam’s heartfelt grief

A young student in our boys’ school has just lost fourteen members of his family in Gaza, murdered during the Israeli bombings. Oh my God! How heartless! They don’t even know what or who they’re killing. If they could face the souls of those they’re slaughtering, and look them in the eyes, they might not find it so easy to pull the trigger. click here.

More support for Gaza from academics

We, the Trustees of the British Association for Islamic Studies, express our deep solidarity with, and moral commitment to Palestinian communities in Gaza, the West Bank and around the world in this moment of genocide, conducted by the state of Israel.” click here.

28 October London March

Organised by Friends of Al Aqsa Peace in Palestine with a widespread support from civil society. click here.

Freedom of Speech & Gaza & Academia

From BRISMES and associated bodies, “[. . .] whatever criticism the IHRA’s [International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s] examples may seek to suppress, both Jews and non-Jews in the UK are entitled, without being stigmatised as anti-Semites, to contend that a state that by law denies Palestinians any right of self-determination is a racist state, or to ask whether there is some moral equivalence between shooting down defenceless Jews in eastern Europe and unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza”. click here.

Britons in their hundreds of thousands rally for Palestine

click here

Challenging the media bias

“Learn to spot media biases, inaccuracies and problematic framing, and strategies to challenge these narratives [. . .] This workshop will be looking at recent examples.” click here.

150,000 march in London

click here.

For those finding the path to Islam

“. . . . We pray that, with Allah as your guide, you will enjoy this wonderful spiritual journey, all the while, showered by His blessings.” From the website launch of a new Muslim support body. click here.