Yunus Emre


Known as the founder of Turkish literature. Yunus's poetry is considered the chief pillar of the poetry of the Bektashiyah Sufi order. His Ilahis (hymns) are still loved by the Turks and memorised at a young age.

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Yusuf Ibn Tashfin


Almoravid ruler. Yusuf expanded his kingdom from a small area in Maghrib to Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Majorca and Ibiza. He reigned from 1061 to 1106. After taking control of Maghrib in 1061 Yusuf conquered Morocco and Algeria (1062), defeated Alfonso of Castile (1086) and took Toledo in 1085. In 1086 he went back to Morocco but returned ...

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Yusuf Bin Hasan


The last Shaikh of Malindi dynasty of Mombassa, Kenya. He took up arms against the Portuguese domination but the Portuguese drove him out and established direct Portuguese rule.

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Yahia Ibn Muhamud Al Wasti

Birth:13th century

Painter Yahia was an outstanding painter of the Baghdad School of illustration. He had illustrated the Maqamat of al Hariri in 1237. The 96 illustrations provided glimpses of 13th century life. Yahia Ibn Muhamud al-Wasti was born in Wasit, Iraq.

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Yahia Bin Ahmad Al Hilli


Well known among the Imamia sect for the work on jurisprudence and authored Madkhal Der Usul Fiqh and Jame-ush-Sharaya.

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Yusuf bin Abdurrahman Al Fihri


The Caliph Marwan II, a descendent of Uqbah the founder of Qayrawan, appointed him the governor of Cordoba in 746. Among 732 and 755, twenty-three governors succeeded one another in Spain, Yusuf was one such governor. In 755 he learnt that an Ummayad ruler by the name of Abdul Rahman had landed in the ...

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Yasmin Ismail


Artist. Yasmin's association with Pakistan television began in late 1960s. Theatre lured her away as she became the head of the Karachi chapter of the Gripp's Theatre in 1980 - the only Children's theatre in Pakistan that has been synonymous with Yasmin. She directed about 24 plays to her applaud by her ...

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Yusuf Karim


Yusuf Karim - The king of the Mombasa tennis courts, enjoyed unchallenged supremacy for twenty five years before finally bowing out in 1977. No other tennis player in Kenyan history enjoyed such distinction. The king of the Mombasa tennis courts, Yusuf Karim, enjoyed unchallenged supremacy for twenty five years before finally ...

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