Yasmin Ismail


Artist. Yasmin's association with Pakistan television began in late 1960s. Theatre lured her away as she became the head of the Karachi chapter of the Gripp's Theatre in 1980 - the only Children's theatre in Pakistan that has been synonymous with Yasmin. She directed about 24 plays to her applaud by her audience. Yasmin provided enjoyment, drew spontaneous laughter and ovation from two generations of theatre-lovers to a number of her stage and television plays. She directed six television plays for children called 'Bacchon Ka Theatre.' Her last play, a political satire, was 'Osama ho to samney aaey' was directed just a month before her death. Yasmin was born in Rawalpindi and died of ovarian cancer in Karachi where she moved in 1971.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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