Walid Ibn Yazid


The Ummayad caliph who ruled from 743 to 744 and was killed in a rebellion in Syria.

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Walid I


Sixth Umayyad Caliph who ruled during the peak of power and success. Despite the disapproval of the more devout, Abd al-Malik was able to ensure that his son al-Walid I succeeded him and for the first time, the dynastic principle was accepted in the Islamic world without demur. Walid I ...

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Wajih Uddin Mubarak Kirmani


A disciple of Shaikh Nizam Uddin Aulia. He was commonly known as Mir Khurd or Sayyad Khurd and was the author of Siur-ul-Aulia, containing the memories of all the principal Sufis and saints.

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Wajid Ali Shah


Wajid Ali Shah was the last king of Oudh (India) Wajid Ali Shah the son of Amjad Ali Shah after whose death he was enthroned at Lucknow in 1847. Oudh was annexed to the British government in 1856 and Wajid Ali Shah was forced into exile in Calcutta where he died. Wajid ...

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Wahiduddin Ngabehi


The founder of Indonesian organisation called Budi Utomo (high endeavour) in 1908, for improving the educational opportunities of the Indonesians.

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Warith Deen Muahammad


US Muslim leader who rejected the black supremacist ethos. A son of Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam, Imam Warith Deen Muhammad believed in traditional and racially tolerant Islam. He preached American Muslims to think about their faith in the context of a wider society. Deen Muhammad ...

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Walid Jumblat


Lebanese leader. Walid who was the son of Kamal Jumblat, the Druz Lebanese leader, inherited the leadership after his father's assassination in 1977. With the help of Muslims, left wing forces, Christians and Syrians he fought and changed the political balance, in Lebanon. He ousted President Amir Gemayel in mid 1980.

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