Wajid Ali Shah


Wajid Ali Shah was the last king of Oudh (India) Wajid Ali Shah the son of Amjad Ali Shah after whose death he was enthroned at Lucknow in 1847. Oudh was annexed to the British government in 1856 and Wajid Ali Shah was forced into exile in Calcutta where he died. Wajid Ali Shah's mother, Malika Kishwar along with one of his sons, Mirza Sikandar Hashmat and others visited London to plead for 'the restoration' of Oudh, which was, any way, not granted by the British colonial government. On her return journey to India, Malika Kishwar died in Paris, in 1858. She was buried at the Turkish graveyard, Cemetery of 'Pere La Chaire' - a portion of the cemetery that was reserved for Turkish royalty. A month later he son Hashmat who accompanied Malika Kishwar died in London. He was buried besides her mother. Wajid Ali Shah was also a poet and dramatist and used to write in Urdu under the poetical title of Akhtar. He authored 3 divans and 3 masnawis.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan / Ghulam Mohiuddin

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