John Butt


Holy broadcaster Started single-handedly a groundbreaking radio programme called 'Across the Border' John Butt broadcasts over a network of independent stations to listeners in Afghanistan and Pakistan. A public schoolboy and professional broadcaster, a convert to Islam and respected cleric, John Butt has brought his combination of talent to preaching ...

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Javed Ahmed Ghamidi


Pakistani scholar. One of Pakistan's well-known intellectuals Javed Ahmed Ghamidi is a scholar of Islamic jurisprudence and exegesis and is the founder of al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences. Ghamidi has been the founder or editor of several Islamic journals and has lectured widely on Islamic subjects. He was briefly a ...

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Jasim Al Sagar


An Arab nationalist and campaigner of political freedom and human rights One of Kuwait's most respected politician, al-Sagar was an Arab nationalist who devoted his life to advancing political freedom and human rights that sometime clashed with the ruling al-Sabah dynasty. He focussed on Kuwait's emergence as an internationally important ...

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John Yehya En Nasr Parkinson


Scottish poet and author John's hankering after knowledge led him to fields of thought. He collected more than four hundred works by great writers on various scientific and philosophical subjects. His studies of the different systems of philosophy led him to study Islam and its history. The sublime and simple ...

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Jafar Panahi


Iranian film director In his newest movie 'Offside' (2006) Panahi continues his cinematic assault against Iran's social ills by highlighting the absurdity of a rule that doesn't allow women to go to attend football matches. In his 1995 feature debut 'The White Balloon', a little girl out to buy a goldfish is ...

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Jameel Mazhari


Urdu poet, altruism at its best. Jameel Mazhari was a versatile Urdu poet absorbed in the themes of Allah, Man and the Universe - dejected as a lover, fiery as a revolutionary, ecstatic as a devotee and indomitable as a worshipper. 'Mathnavi Ab-o-Sarab' (The Masnavi of water and mirage), a ...

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Johnny Walker


Comedy star of Bollywood film. Badruddin Jamaluddin Qazi, widely known as Johnny Walker, with his highly mobile face, pencil-thin moustache, squeaky voice and uncanny sense of timing acted in nearly 300 films, tickling audiences with brilliant performances that remain unequalled today in Bollywood. Johnny Walker first break in India's film capital ...

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Jarallah Omar Al Kuhali


Yemeni socialist leader who spent his life in pursuit of his country's unity. Jarallah a former guerrilla leader was one of Yemen's leading advocates for liberal democracy. He joined the pan-Arab nationalist movement in 1960 and confronted many oppositions. The overthrow of the monarchy in northern Yemen in 1962, and the ensuing, ...

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Birth:14th century

An Iraqi painter of miniatures. Junaid's paintings influenced the Persian style of painting. He was a disciple of Shamsuddin and worked for Sultan Ahmad of the Jalayirld dynasty of Baghdad from 1382 to 1410. He had illustrated Khwaja Kirmamis' Khamsa in 1396.

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John Cooper


A creative scholar, translator and intellectual. John was E. G. Browne Lecturer in Persian Studies at Cambridge. He pioneered work in the study of Shi'i usul al-fiqh using modern semiotics. He taught English in Casablanca, Morocco. There he perfected his French, picked up some Berber and had his first contact ...

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