Choudhri Zafrullah Khan


Diplomat. Choudhri Zafrullah Khan was part of the delegate known as Indian Round Table Conference (1930-32) that went from India to London. He was president All Indian Muslim League (1931), minister of foreign affairs of Pakistan (1947-54), a representative of Pakistan at United Nations (1961-64) and president international Court of Justice (1970-73). Choudhri Zafrullah Khan's services to the causes of Kashmir and Palestine at the international arenas were important and are now a matter of records. Zafrullah Khan's scholarly works include translation into English of the Qur'an, the book of Hadith, a biography of the Prophet, peace be upon him, 'Mohammad the Seal of Prophets' and numerous books and articles on Islam. His autobiography (originally in Urdu) 'Tahdeethe Ni'amat' was, later on, abridged and translated into English entitled 'A Servant of God.'

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan / Ghulam Mohiuddin / Dr. Navidul Haq Khan

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