Mohsin Ali


Diplomatic editor of Reuters The long-time diplomatic editor of Reuters, Mohsin Ali who later on became a key member of London's The Times staff in Washington produced scoops for the global news agency as well as international analysis for its readers across the world. Joined in 1948, as a young correspondent at Reuters, Mohsin Ali was sent to cover all the main international conferences. He followed the twists and turns of the Korea, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam peace talks, travelling regularly to Geneva, New York and European capitals. He reported on disarmament, nuclear-test ban and non-proliferation negotiations. He formed close links with many of the negotiators. Mohsin Ali met many world leaders. Two who impressed him most were Chou En-Lai and Charles de Gaulle - most principled and incorruptible that he had come across. When he announced his retirement in 1980, James Callahan, the former British Prime-Minister sent Mohsin Ali a personal note. Retired in 1988, Mohsin Ali kept himself busy with the world of news and analysis. Mohsin Ali was appointed OBE in 1988. A scion of a distinguished family of India's aristocrat Mohsin Ali was born in Dehradun. His great-grandfather was Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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