Shakil Auj


Islamic scholar A distinguished scholar of Islamic studies Professor Shakil Auj having, relatively liberal views, was struck by assassins while he was on his way to a reception at the Iranian Cultural Centre in Karachi. Dean of Islamic Studies at Karachi University Professor Shakil Auj had no political enthusiasms, was not a prominent member of any sect or ethnic group and had no business entanglements that might attract hostile attention. He represented mainstream Islamic scholarship and spent his academic career at Karachi University where he gained five degrees, including Law and a Masters in journalism. He completed his PhD in Islamic Studies, in 2000, with a comparative study of eight Urdu translations of the Quran. Professor Shakil Auj was awarded Medal of Imtiaz, a state honour, in recognition to education in 2014. He was the author of 77 research papers and 15 books. Shakil Auj was born in Karachi.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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