Khursheed Kaimkhani


Anthropologist and researcher Renowned anthropologist and researcher Khursheed Kaimkhani was well known for his contributions to anthropology, history and literature of gypsies, scheduled castes and other nomad tribes. He served in Pakistan army for 15 years before turning to the field of research. When the army decided to launch a military operation in what was then East Pakistan in the 1970s he called it quits and resigned as senior major, risking his pension and other fringe benefits which were withheld for voicing dissent. Once free of the burden of military life, Khursheed Kaimkhani plunged into his only loves of life: travel and research and his keen interest in the fields earned him name as an established anthropologist. He contributed immensely to anthropology, history and literature of gypsies, scheduled castes and other nomad tribes and undertook journeys to many countries to get firsthand knowledge about their life, culture and anthropology. He authored four books 'Sipyaan aur Pathar', 'Bhatkti Nasleen', 'Sapnon ka Des' and 'Umeedoon ki Fasal' and wrote hundreds of columns and articles in English, Urdu and Sindhi language newspapers. In Tando Allahyar, Sindh, he founded a small library for peasants and set up a school for Jogis (snake charmers). He gave away three acres of his land to scheduled castes Kolhis and Bheels. He attended a number of international conferences on indigenous people in the US and France. A bitter critic of feudal lords and capitalists Khursheed Kaimkhani, in his autobiography, wrote what he saw capitalists and feudal lords betraying people in the name of popular slogans. Born in a small village in Rajasthan, India, Khursheed Kaimkhani's family moved to Tando Allahyar, Sindh, after the partition. He passed away in Karachi after a long illness.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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