Yusuf Estes


American Muslim preacher and teacher. A former music minister, embraced Islam from Christianity, in 1991, Sheikh Yusuf Estes has been preaching and teaching Islam in America and beyond. He frequently appears on various Islamic satellite TV channels as well as guest presenter and keynote speaker at various Islamic events. He was named the Islamic Personality of 2012 by the 16th session of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award for spreading the teachings of Holy Quran, and for his services to Islam, Muslims and humanity. After embracing Islam, Dr. Estes pursued Arabic language and Quranic studies in Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. Dr Estes has started a free-to-air Internet and satellite TV channel called GuideUS TV, which currently broadcasts commercial-free programming on Islam 24/7. He has also set up various websites directed toward English speaking Muslims, which include TubeIslam (a Muslim video sharing site), ChatIslam (a Muslim chat room), and WorldPreschool (a learning site for young children).

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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