Warda Al Jazairia


Algerian singer who inspired Arab nationalism The melodious voice of the Algerian singer Wards al-Jazairia offered an expression of the aspirations of Arab nationalism and awakening. 'The Algerian rose', Warda, spent many years in her career in Egypt and sang over 300 songs and sold 100m albums. Her appearance in operatic film Al Watan al Akbar (The Greater Nation) - 'My country, and the revolution against colonialism/If we all seek to sacrifice ourselves for you/Colonialism will come to an end' - was a great success, during the period of President Gamal Abdel Nasser. She made many films including Sawt al-Hubb (Voice of Love) but her biggest hit was Betwanes Beek (happy to Be With You). Her performance at Algeria's 20th anniversary celebration in 1982 was her another musical triumph. Her last album was recorded in 2001 and the last performance in Beirut was in 2011. Born in Puteaux, outskirts of Paris, to Algerian father and Lebanese mother, Warda started singing in her father's Café at the age of 11.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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