Lalla Aicha


Women's rights activist Fought all her life for women's rights, Princess Lalla Aicha of Morocco was the first female Arab ambassador. Unveiled and dressed like a modern Western woman, her appearance and her words shook many people. Symbolised as Moroccan independence and feminism, nationalist leaders took Princess Lalla Aicha's word and sent their daughters off for a modern education, without a veil. In 1957, shortly after independence Princess Lalla became the first president of a newly set up national support scheme to help the poor. She played an important role in the Agadir earthquake of 1960. Princess Aicha was appointed as ambassador to London from 1965-69 and later to Athens and Rome. Highly cultured and intelligent she also headed the Moroccan Red Crescent and was the honorary president of the National Union of Moroccan Women. She passed away in Morocco.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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