Hawa Abdi Dhiblawe


A courageous lady inspiring hope and prosperity. The founder of healthcare establishment in Somalia and running and operating a private hospital, Dr. Hawa Abdi is a living hero. Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation is a vast 1,300-acre complex where her generosity spread and the needy people flock in. Currently, more than 15,000 'family' live in and are offered treatment, clean water and whatever food is available. No one is turned away from her 400-bed hospital. Born in Mogadishu, married and raised three children, Dr. Hawa received her medical training in Kiev, Ukraine as gynaecologist. Today her home and hospital, a vast farmland have been overtaken by nearly 100,000 displaced people and Dr. Hawa struggle to find ways to feed them. The first woman to establish, run and operate a private hospital in Somalia, Dr. Hawa also runs literacy and health classes for women, as well as programs to discourage female genital mutilation. And she operates a tiny jail — for men who beat their wives. Glamour magazine, which named Dr. Hawa a 'woman of the year,' got it exactly right when it called her 'equal parts Mother Teresa and Rambo,' considering the fact that she lives in unruly Somalia.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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