Nassima El Hor


Moroccan mediator on television. In her primetime show, families and friends torn apart by problems - drugs, domestic violence, gambling - are very publicly reconciled by Nassima el Hor on Moroccan TV. Nassima heads a new TV show whose format of bringing together warring friends and neighbours to thrash out their problems in front of television cameras has enthralled Moroccans since it first aired in early 2009. Her primetime show Al Khayt Al Abyad (The White Thread), broadcast by 2M, the state owned channel that was launched in 1989, has over 4 million viewers. The title derived from a Moroccan proverb means a mediator who brings enemies together with a white thread. The programme Al Khayt Al Abyad has been structured by Nassima, 'in a way that avoids what Islam calls fadiha or scandal, and instead employs a more respectful advisory, or nasiha. She is encouraging of mediation and reconciliation, which are two pillars in an Islamic society.' Nassima el-Hor was born into a family of Berbers of ordinary means.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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