Bashir Mirza


Pakistani artist Known for his dazzling art career and free spirited persona Bashir Mirza popularised art and propelled himself into open daring the public to see it and to think. His work typified strong emotion and symbolism. Bashir opened, first ever in Karachi, an art gallery in 1965. In his 1965 'War Series' Bashir drew a number of 'Screams' directly onto the canvas pouring out his patriotic fervour as well as his inner turmoil and turbulence. His provocative exhibition of 'Lonely girl series' in 1971 created uproar. It was also shown and gifted to the Seoul Museum when Bashir visited the city on the invitation by the Seoul Olympic Committee. In 1994, Bashir went to Australia as Pakistan's cultural attaché. Born in Amritsar Bashir Mirza was a son of a poor Tonga maker.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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