Bashir Ahmad


First Asian member of the Scottish parliament The Scottish parliament's first Asian, Bashir Ahmad, was elected, in 2007, as SNP regional member representing Glasgow. He was one of the foremost campaigners for Scottish independence. Having set up the group Scots Asians for Independence, an essential bridge between the party (SNP) and the Asian community, Bashir Ahmad, in a speech at the SNP's conference declared: 'It's not where we came from that's important, it's where we're going together.' Apart from being a successful businessman owning shops, restaurants and a hotel Bashir Ahmad also co-founded the Pakistan Welfare Organisation. Born in Amritsar in the Punjab, Bashir Ahmad moved, in 1961, to live with relatives in Scotland. Not speaking a word of English he worked initially as a bus conductor before setting up in business.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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