Ismail Babatunde Jose


Doyen of Nigerian journalism Being the editor of The Daily Times, Ismail Babatunde Jose, from the late 1950s, dominated journalism in Nigeria for three decades. He craved professional excellence. The one-year attachment at London's Fleet Street in 1951 had enormous influence on Jose. Under Jose, The Daily Times sold daily 200,000 copies and advertisement revenue poured into the coffer. He attracted young graduate and set up a training institute to teach his recruits the tricks of the trade. Jose produced an array of highly successful journalists many of whom established their own newspapers. After the independence of Nigeria in 1961 from Britain The Daily Times became a wholly-owned Nigerian enterprise. Jose was appointed managing director of the paper in 1962 and finally he became its chairman in 1968. He created at least 15 new titles and by the time he was deposed in 1976 - after disgruntled employees had encouraged the military government to seize the majority shares in the company - The daily Times was one of the most successful African-owned businesses on the continent, now vanished off the streets. Jose's autobiography 'Walking a Tightrope' was published in 1987. He was acclaimed for fostering religious understanding. Ismail Babatunde Jose was born and passed away in Lagos.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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