Ghulam Nabi Saqeb


Educationist One of the members of the First World Conference on Muslim Education, held in Makkah in the 1970s and an advisor on Muslim education for the Islamic Academy, Cambridge, Prof Dr Ghulam Nabi Saqeb was a prominent educationist. Prof Saqeb was actively involved in Muslim Education Movement, which started in Saudi Arabia in 1975. The historic World Conference on Muslim Education was held first in Makkah (1977) followed by in Islamabad (1980), Dhaka (1981), Jakarta (1983), Cairo (1985) and the sixth at Cape Town (1996). Teaching in the Faculty of Education, King Abdulaziz University since 1974, Dr Saqeb also joined, in 1984, the Muslim World League (Rabita al-Alam al-Islam). Prof Saqeb also helped Muslim organisations in the UK to promote Islamic education for British Muslim children in County Schools and to establish Muslim schools. He worked with the Iqra Trust (1992-94) to help screen and correct the text books used in British schools, colleges and universities. Dr Saqeb helped Yusuf Islam in his Islamic Schools Trust. He advised Muslim organisations in the UK in their negotiations with the Local Education Authorities and the Department of Education and Science. Authored a few books Prof Saqeb's well-known being, Modernisation of Muslim Education in Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey. He published articles in and was Associate Editor of the Muslim Education Quarterly. Ghulam Nabi Saqeb was born in Gujranwala. Having taken MA degree from Lahore he obtained the Advanced Diploma in Education (1962), a MPhil in Education (1965) and a PhD in Education (1973) from University of London. He passed away in London.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan

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