Dilnawaz Ahmed Siddiqui


Professor with a wide experience in teaching, research and advisory. Dr. Dilnawaz Ahmed Siddiqui was Professor in the Department of Communication, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, teaching research methodology, instructional planning, management, and global mass communication principles and practices. Dr Siddiqui's teaching, research, and advisory experience of over 36 years has been earned in India, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, USA, Yemen, Jordan and Sudan. Dr. Siddiqui became the Chief US Advisor to the Central Planning Organization, Prime Minister's Office, Sanaa, Yemen. There, he directed the human resources Scholarship Management System, spelling out a feasible method of utilizing the foreign assistance for development, and established human resource planning development, and management units in individual ministries. Dr. Siddiqui led an advisory team in conducting a summative evaluation of the $12.5 million administrative training project (1987-1992) in Jordan. He also wrote the Human Resources Development Master Plan for the government of Sudan, based on his analysis of the policies of decentralization of administration and of the merger between the Ministries of Finance and Planning into one Ministry of Finance and National Economy. As a Training and Development consultant, Dr. Siddiqui had conducted workshops in communication, project planning and leadership skills, and organized seminars for many public and private professional as well as community service organizations in the USA and abroad. Dr Siddiqui has many publications including books, technical reports, and journal articles. He currently serves on the editorial boards of the American Society for Training and Development's (ASTD) T & D Journal, East-West Review, American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences and the American Communication Journal (on the world wide web) of the International Communication Association. He recently led a research team in conducting a Trends and Issues survey of the HRD Professors' Forum for the ASTD. He has previously chaired several national and international conferences, and is the past President of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS). During his learning and teaching career, Dr. Siddiqui won several meritorious awards, including the Saifi Burhanuddin Gold Medal for impromptu in the area of literary criticism, special mention for significant and substantive contributions in the field of training and development, and a recent honoris causa award from the Russian Academy for the Humanities. Dilnawaz Siddiqui was born at Amroha, UP, India. He passed away in a California hospital after an illness that confined him to a hospital bed for almost five months. In his retirement, he directed IIIT's Illumination of Knowledge project.

Compiler: M. Nauman Khan / The Islamic Training Foundation

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