Omar Pasha


Ottoman General. Umar Pasha deserted the Austrian Army, and came to Bosnia and became a Muslim. King Abdul Majid of Turkey made him governor of Lebanon in 1842. From 1843, Umar Pasha suppressed insurrections in Albania, Bosnia and Kurdistan, and defeated the Russians in two battles in 1853. In the Crimean war he ...

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Omar Mukhtar


Hollywood filmed a famous guerrilla Sanusi leader of Libya, whose life story. Libya was invaded by Italy in 1911 but the prolonged resistance of the sanusiyah brotherhood denied the Italians control of Libya till 1931. When the Italians captured Umar Mukhtar the hero of the resistance movement, about 20,000 Sanusis were forced to ...

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Omar Khayyam


Outstanding Iranian poet and mathematician. Umar al-Khayyam was a man of great talent and scientific enquiry and is believed to have excelled in mathematics, sciences, astronomy and philosophy. As a Mathematician he invented the Jalali Era, which was so accurate that it had an error of only one day in ...

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Omar Ibn Abi Rabia


One of the greatest early Arab poets. Umar belonged to the family of Makhzum. His poetry gave a vivid picture of the social life of the people of Makkah and Madinah. This prince of erotic poetry was known as the Ovid of Arabia.

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Omar Seyfettin


One of the greatest modern Turkish writers. Seyfuddin entered the army after studying at the military schools of Edirne and Constantinople. He took part in the Balkan wars (1912-13) but after leaving army he concentrated on writing. Seyfuddin's Bahar Ve Kelebekler in 1927 was about the generation gap. Bomba published in 1935, ...

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Ousmane Sambene


The 'father of African cinema'. A crucial figure in Africa's post-colonial cultural awakening, Ousmane the Senegalese filmmaker and writer who gained international recognition was widely seen as the father of African cinema. He took up filmmaking in the 1960s, in part because Ousmane believed that film could reach a wider ...

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Otakhon Latifi


Journalist and politician. Latifi was once a correspondent for the Soviet's Pravda and Izvestiya, and later deputy chairman of the Tajik Council of Ministers in 1989. Latifi was instrumental participant in efforts to implement peace in the strife-ridden Tajikistan. He was exiled in 1992 and returned from Iran in 1997. Latifi had chaired ...

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Orkhan I


He was the son of Osman, and was the Sultan of the Turks in 1327. He added largely to the territories of his father, and formed a body of infantry called Jannissaries who later proved formidable to Europe.

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Obaid Zakani


Persian poet noted for his satire and obscene verses. His Masnavi Mush-O-Gorbeh (Mouse and Cat) is a political satire. Obeyd used to ridicule the classic poets.

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