Lalla Fatima Zohra


She founded the Moroccan Women's Union and was known as the Princess of the Poor. Princess Lalla, for years to come, travelled throughout Morocco, visiting the poorest villages and listening to the stories of women who had been beaten, neglected and divorced without pension. She urged them to form themselves ...

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Liu Chih


The most famous Chinese Muslim writer and author of True Annals of the Greatest Saint of Arabia.

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Layla Balabakki


Lebanese novelist. The semi-autobiographical novel, Ana Ahiya (I Live), by Layla Balabakki, published in 1958, is regarded as an outstanding literary achievement in Arabic. The novel reflects a very different vision and approach of society and politics from that expressed by men. The Lebanese political writer Layla Balabakki became controversial when ...

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A descendent of Shah Kamaluddin who was a great saint of Malwa. Luftullah proceeded to England as secretary to Mir Jafar Ali, along with the son-in-law of the Nawab of Surat in 1844. He wrote his adventures in 1854, Autobibliography of Lutfullah in English that was published in London in 1857.

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Lutfi Al-khuli


Prominent Egyptian writer and journalist. Lutfi joined Al-Ahram in 1963 and became chief editor of Tali'ah from 1965 to 1977. Lutfi supported Palestinian intifadah and was a member of the Egyptian delegation to the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference. Lutfi chaired the Asia and Africa Writers Federation and in 1992 received the state appreciation prize for ...

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Lukman Harun


Indonesia's politician par excellence that served his country as an ambassador to the Islamic world. Lukman was an 'accomodationist' and not a 'confrontationist'. He devoted himself to the social and educational work of the 'Muhammadiyah'. Lukman was also an internationalist, behind all the just Islamic causes across the globe and ...

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Lounes Matoub


Singer, voice of the Berbers. Matoub's words shaped the music and shrouded the melody, reaching the deepest emotions among the folk of the Berber mountain villages. Three themes repeated in his songs, his mother, his language and love. His music was particularly Chabbi, the popular song that originated in Algiers ...

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Liaquat Ali Khan


Liaquat Ali Khan was a Jinnah-Liaquat partnership team. In 1928, he was part of the Jinnah-led Muslim team to the all-parties convention at Calcutta that failed to bridge Congress-League differences. However, this was the start of a Jinnah-Liaquat partnership that was to make a considerable impact on Indian political panorama. Jinnah ...

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