Ismail Gulgee


Pakistani artist A self-taught painter-cum-sculptor Ismail Gulgee started painting since his days of studying engineering in two of the most prestigious American universities, first at Columbia and then in Harvard. Starting his career as portraitist Gulgee impressed King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan. The king commissioned him to paint or sketch ...

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Israr Ahmad


Renowned Scholar A renowned scholar Dr. Israr Ahmad spent his last four decades in reviving Qur'an-centred Islamic philosophy and staunchly believed in the establishment of an Islamic political system in his country. The founder of several organisations including Anjuman-i-Khuddamul Qur'an, in 1972, Tanzeem-i-Islami, in 1975 and Tehrik-i-Khilafat, in 1991, Dr. Israr had followers ...

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Ismail Sulaiman Vanya


Ismail Vanya was an important leader of the Burmese Muslim community. His long-standing friend U Raschid (died 1978) described him as "remarkable both for his dedication and for the totally selfless and self-effacing manner in which he worked, without the slightest trace of personal egotism or attempts to seek personal publicity". ...

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Ismail Cem


Turkish politician who turned a page of history The most successful foreign minister Turkey had seen for years, and one of the longest-serving one, serving three governments from 1997 to 2003, Ismail Cem was a driving force behind the thaw in relations between archrivals Turkey and Greece that turned a page on ...

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Idris Muhammad


A jazz drummer Known for his funky playing style, Idris started playing the drums at age 8. Being innovative drummers in soul music in the 1960s, he has released a numbers of albums as leader and has played with some jazz legends. Born Leo Morris in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and ...

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Iqbal Bano


A Pakistani singer of ghazals Acclaimed for singing ghazals and classical music, particularly in thumri and dadra, to her audiences' rapturous applause Iqbal Bano's singing in Urdu and Farsi is widely heard in South Asia, Iran and Afghanistan. She took vocal artistry to new heights by combining traditionalism and modernism ...

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Iftikhar Arif


Pakistan's well-known Urdu poet. His scholarship and love for learning has earned him great admiration and esteem in the world of Urdu literature and is currently Chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters in Islamabad. In his powerful diction and an expression of clarity and force, Arif's forte remains in ...

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Ibrahim Jalees


Satirist of Urdu writing He started his literary career by writing short stories and was a popular genre in Urdu prose. Finally, Jalees took up journalism that he called 'commercial area' of literature. Jalees began his literary career in 1938 and like most writers of that time was influenced by the ...

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Iqbal Sacranie


Advocate for British Muslim community. He has been actively involved in a voluntary capacity with community and charitable work for the last 35 years in Britain and at an international level. He was the founding secretary general when MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) was established in 1997 and he subsequently served a ...

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Ibn Qurrah


Known for his work on mechanics, astronomy, pure mathematics and geometry. Ibn Qurrah was a pioneer in extending the concept of traditional geometry to geometrical algebra and proposed theories that led to the development of non-Euclidean geometry, spherical trigonometry, integral calculus and real numbers. He used arithmetic terminology to study ...

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