Ghulam Sharfuddin Farid


An Indian philatelic journalist and postal historian. In the field of Islamic calligraphy, amulets and coins, Farid, was a renowned numismatist and philatelic journalist who founded the Centre of Deltiology and Philately. Farid's research works on medieval Indian coins, especially the coins of Bengal's Sultans, were prolifically published. To his ...

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Ghulam Ahmad Sofi


Kashmiri folk singer. Ghulam Ahmad Sofi popularly known as 'Amma Sofi', a Kashmiri folk singer of 'Chakri folk' and 'Shah Rang' rendition attained great fame and dominated for over four decades. Performed at national and international levels legendary Ustaad Sofi was best known for his presentation of 'Shash Rang', one ...

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Gulammohammed Bora


He touched the lives of all who met him. Hafiz Bora remained loyal to two passions in his life - his love for travelling and teaching. This took him to Zambia, Lusaka and then to Sheffield in the UK. In his love of da'wah he went to Malta, Turkey, Delhi, ...

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Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi


Muslim scholar. Allama Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi not only left his mark as a theologian but he also left his footprints in the realms of education, literary criticism, historical research, journalism and medicine and as an activist in his country's independence movement against the British colonial power. Allama Qasmi in his ...

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Gailan Mahmood Ramiz


Iraq's political scientist. Ramiz, energetic, powerful and intelligent analyst, and a regular commentator, in the international media, explained how Iraqis felt liberated and humiliated in equal measure when America-led forces illegally occupied his country. Ramiz's studies took him to Egypt, a law degree at Princeton (1958), MA at Harvard and DPhil ...

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Gulam Kaderbhoy Noon


Indian born Curry King of Britain. An entrepreneur, Sir Gulam arrived in Britain with comparatively little. Developed a highly successful business, unashamedly enjoyed the social, political and particularly royal contacts that his success brought, and ended up, finally, in the House of Lords. Sir Gulam's ready-made meals business, established in 1989, ...

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Ghayasuddin Siddiqui


British Muslim activist. Dr Siddiqi is involved in lobbying Muslim causes in the UK, as leader of the informal Muslim Parliament, a conscious-raising platform, since 1992. Dr Siddiqui was born in Delhi, and migrated to Pakistan and now residing in the UK since 1964.

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Ghulam Ahmad Parwez


The founder of the Tolu-e-Islam movement, spreading pristine teaching of Islam, in Pakistan. Ghulam Ahmad Parwez, formerly in the Civil Service of India and later Pakistan, started publishing Tolu-e-islam with the primary object to enlighten people that, according to the Qur'an, the ideology and not geographical boundary was the basis ...

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Ghazi I


The only son of Faisal I, Ghazi was born in Hijaz in 1912 after three sisters. He was left to the care of his grandfather while his father was busy in his campaigns and travels. Thus he grew as shy inexperienced young man which had alot of effect on his short ...

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Gama Pahelvan


The world famous wrestler. Gama defeated Zbyszko of Poland in World Wrestling Championship at England in 1910 in a matter of few seconds and won the world championship. In thirty years he fought about 1,200 bouts and was never defeated. Gama, Rustam-e-Zaman, real name was Ghulam Muhammad and was born in Amritsar, ...

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