Dato Onn Bin Jaffar


A Malaysian leader who played an active role in the independence of Malaya. Onn bin Jaffar opposed the British plan of giving equal rights to all people in Malaya, regardless of race or religion, because he thought that giving the economically dominant Chinese and Indian a part in the Government ...

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Dusiqi Ibrahim Bin Abul Majid


The founder of the Dusuqi order. He probably owed his fame to miracle working. Two festivals are celebrated at Dusuk in his honour and the last one continues for eight days. Ibrahim was born at Dasuk, a village in the Gharbiya district of Egypt.

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Dandey Khan

Birth:20th century

The Freedom fighter of Ghadr Party fame in 1911. Lenin remembered him with great respect in his writings.

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David Musa Pidcock


A former Roman Catholic, David Musa Pidcock became a Muslim in 1975. He is a founder member and since its inception the leader of the Islamic Party of Britain. David Musa Pidcock is also an honorary member of the Economic Research Council and a director of the Institute for Rational Economics. ...

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Dhul Nun Al Misri


A famous saint who was believed to have known the secret of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was Zul Nun who gave Sufism its permanent shape. Sufi considered him the originator of their doctrine and number him among their first Qutbs (pivots of the universe). He was the founder of the ...

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Dilip Kumar


Bollywood legendary actor widely known by his screen name of Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar (Yusuf Khan) has been a dominant figure for over five decades in an industry where actors spring up like mushrooms and are wiped out of public memory like footprints in the sand. His standing as the ...

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Durriyah Shafiq


An Egyptian feminist, journalist and scholar. Shafiq Durriyah founded the magazine Majallat bint al-Nil and Ittihad Bint al Nil in 1945 and 1948 respectively. She authored Al mar'ah al Misriya and Tatawwur al nahdah al Misriyah. Shafiq was a follower of Huda Sha'rawi, the Egyptian feminist, with whose help Shafiq was able ...

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Djemal Pasha


A Turkish general and statesman. He was the first to join the 'Society of Union & progress' also known as 'Young Turks'. He joined the military administration after the revolution of 1908. He was head of the security forces and later on minister of public works, Governor of Syria and was one ...

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Deputy Nazir Ahmad


The pioneer of Urdu novel. Deputy Nazir was a leading proponent of the education of India's Muslim women and he espoused the issue with great determination and persistence against the Muslim establishment of time who considered that women should not be educated. Deputy Nazir had his fingers on the pulse ...

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Dudu Miyan


On his return from Makkah he devoted himself to the spread of his father's movement which asserted the equality of mankind and gave due importance to observe the duties, Faraiz, of a Muslim. It was among the peasants that he made the larger number of converts. In 1838 Dudu Miyan was ...

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