Bibikhatoon Astarabadi


Iranian activist of feminist movement In her strive to improve standing of women to a higher level Bibikhatoon Astarabadi played a key role in Iranian society. She became one of the most influential figures of the Iran's constitutional revolution of 1906 - backed by many senior ayatollahs who at the time ...

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Bahman Ghobadi


Kurdish film director. Bahman Ghobadi's third feature film, 'Turtles Can Fly', started its Europe-wide release in Britain in January 2005, is about the effect of war on Iraqi Kurds, distressing, of course, but also funny - which is surprising given that it is populated by children who have lost limbs to ...

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Bassam Salih Abd Al Ghani Kubba


Iraqi politician who served Saddam and the interim government. Bassam Salih Kubba embarked on a diplomatic career and joined the Foreign Ministry in 1967, worked at Iraqi Embassy in Nigeria (1970-72), Paris (1973-75) and then again for five years during 1980s. He headed the Iraqi mission at the UN between 1975 and 1978. ...

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An Iranian religious leader and founder of the Bahai sect. His name was Mirza Hussain Ali and he was a follower of Mirza Ali Muhammad, founder of the Babi sect. Due to his beliefs he was persecuted and exiled to Baghdad and thereafter to Constantinople. In 1863 he proclaimed himself as ...

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Ben Youssef Ben Khedda


Algerian nationalist leader. Ben Khedda was a nationalist leader who helped to negotiate and proudly ushered in Algerian independence, became his country's prime minister and was soon forced to stand aside to avoid bloodshed. Ben Khedda, president of the provisional government of Algerian Republic, whose dream came true on 18 March 1962 ...

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Bayazid I (Yilderm)


The Turkish Sultan reigned from 1389 to 1402. Nicknamed Yilderm, which meant lightning in Turkish, because he charged like lightning on his enemies. He defeated the combined forces of England, France, Germany, Austria, Hungry and Poland at Nicopolis in 1396. He conquered Bulgaria, Serbia, and large parts of Asia Minor but defeated by ...

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Bayar Mahmud Jalal (Celal)


Third president of the Turkish Republic from 1950-1960. Bayar, as a leader of the democratic party, he advocated liberation, following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of world War I. He joined Mustafa Kamal Pasha and resisted the allied occupation in 1921. He was minister of finance and ...

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Bahmani Allauddin Hasan Gangu

Birth:14th Century

The founder of the Bahamani dynasty in Deccan. Sultan Muhammad Tughlaq had appointed Zafar Khan as the Governor of South India. He declared himself independent in 1347 and became monarch acquiring the title of Allauddin Hasan Bahmani. The Bahmani dynasty came to an end in 1518 and out of the ruins, five ...

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Bud Shah Sultan Zainul Abidin


King of Kashmir. Zainul Abedin who came to the throne of Kashmir in 1423 was an able ruler and who reigned for fifty-two years. His rule made Kashmir a site for learning and where prosperity was in abundance. He was a great lover of arts and crafts. Zainul Abidin is still ...

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Bakr Sidqi


An Iraqi general. He put down a rebellion in 1933, 1935 and in 1936. He was against the Turk domination of the Arabs. He was assassinated in 1937.

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