Rashid GatradProfessor Rashid Gatrad OBE

Professor Gatrad is consultant pediatrician at the Manor Hospital in Walsall, West Midlands and well-known for co-authoring (with Professor Aziz Shaikh) ‘Caring for Muslim Patients’ (Radcliffe Medical Press). Originally from Malawi, he came to the UK for his ‘A’ levels and subsequently went to the Leeds Medical School. He has served as consultant for over 20 years. His medical career has included 18 months in Malawi at a Catholic mission hospital, where he helped set up a nutritional fund for orphans of the AIDS epidemic. He has also been instrumental in establishing a 250 bed orphanage he established in India, on estates once owned by his ancesters: “So we bought back those properties; we got the squatters out and paid them off and did the buildings up”.

Rashid Gatrad is an advisor to the MCB’s Research & Documentation Committee