Confronting PREVENT

For a dossier on critics of the Government’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy, including the Prevent and Channel programmes,   click here.

Observations from:

Ken Macdonald, warden of Wadham College, Oxford

David Anderson QC, the independent reviewer of terrorism laws

Miqdaad Versi

Councillor Muhammad Afzal

Professor Ian Cram

Waqqas Tufail, Leeds Beck University & ‘Runnymede Perspectives’ report contributor

Keith Vaz MP

Ben Stanford, Rights Watch UK

William Eichler in The Tablet

Will Hutton

Ian Hopkins, Manchester Chief Constable

Vince Cable

Rabbil Sikdar in the Morning Star

Peter Oborne

Bill Bolloten, Educational Consultant

JUST West Yorkshire

Samayya Afzal, Bradford Student Union

Matthew Goodwin

Sir Peter Fahy

Islington Council

Bharat Ganesh

Standing Together Against Prevent network

Shelly Asquith & the NUS

Netpol network

… letter signed by Prof. Baroness Ruth Lister, Loughborough University and House of Lords,
Karen Armstrong OBE, Author and Historian of Religion, Prof. Paddy Hillyard, Queen’s University, Belfast,  Prof. Tariq Ramadan, University of Oxford and 270 other academics in July 2015.