Riding the Tiger

Wide-ranging and erudite discourse by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (Dr Tim Winter) at the Cambridge Muslim College with critiques of the Enlightenment and a lament on modern times. The talk provides invaluable insights  on dissenting voices within the European philosophical tradition to Enlightenment/Modernity (i.e. fervent dislike of religion and discarding any sense of the sacred, individualism, consumerism) such as the Italian philosopher Julius Evola. He dissects the paradox of how ‘liberalism’ is becoming increasingly coercive, ‘tolerating nothing other than itself’. It is nostalgic about a Britain of the past, that was anchored in institutions such as the Church and symbols such as the flag, noting of Britain’s drift to a banality that even at Windsor Castle the Coldstream Guards chose to  play the theme music of Star Wars during the changing of the guard.  The lecture includes a call to Muslims to use their common sense and retrieve the spirituality inherent in Muslim Tradition. Click here.