No action on Renditions!

Ian Cobain reports in the Guardian, ‘Prosecutors are set to announce that they are bringing no charges following a police investigation into MI6’s involvement in the kidnapping of two families who were “rendered” to the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s prisons, despite protests by the victims and their lawyers that the evidence against the agency is overwhelming . . .

Scotland Yard officers who have spent four years building a case against the MI6 officers allegedly involved will be deeply dismayed by the decision. So too will be Belhaj, Saadi and their families, who have said that they will regard any failure to bring charges as a damning indictment of British standards of justice.

. . . Westminster’s secretive Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) is currently investigating the UK’s alleged involvement in rendition and detainee abuse. The ISC is expected to find answers to those 27 questions, and investigate the UK’s involvement in the abduction of Belhaj, Saadi and their families.’  click here.