A Community Organiser’s Perspective

Sharhabeel Lone, Chairman of the Kentish Town Community Organisation, writing to the editor of the Guardian, 5th May 2016

Over almost a decade of increasingly failed strategies by the Home Office to counter the radicalisation of young people (Revealed: UK’s covert propaganda bid to stop Muslims joining Isis, 2 May), is it not time the government embarked on a strategy of trusting British Muslims?

It is now clear that the government has always considered its “psychological warfare and operations unit” headquartered in the Home Office as the principal way of dealing with the British Muslim community and not the Bell Pottinger PR-spun “communities” cheer-led by those that “ministers can work with” over recent years.

It is time the government tried hard to work with the un-annointed “others”, and stopped trying to navel gaze through the shameful use of battle-hardened soldiers and ex-MI6 officers to wage war on its own citizens. British Muslims, if engaged openly and honestly, may be able to help provide solutions and leadership that steer us away from current counterproductive paths which serve to ensure clashes of civilisation on our very own streets.’ click here.

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