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Sat 25 November 2017



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Al Aqsa Mosque & Qubbat As-Sakhrah (Jerusalem

Date: 02.05.09

Virtual Tour video
Al Aqsa Mosque & Qubbat As-Sakhrah (Jerusalem)

The First Qibla of Muslims:
Al Aqsa Mosque

The importance of Jerusalem for Muslims, especially Harem-I serif (the Temple Mount) based on the prophets Muhammade’s ascension here. As it is told in Koran, Muhammad comes from Mescid-i Haram to Al Aqsa Mosque and there he was ascended to Allah, on the 27th night of Recep (sevent lunar month), one year before the Heqira. The Rock named as Muallak Kaya known for being the rock Muhammed (saw) stepped on before his ascension is here in Jerusalem under the Mosque of Omar (or Kubbetus Sahra Mosque) and it is visited by Muslims every year.

Al Aqsa Mosque was build on a field of 144,000 m2. It has ten open doors and four closed doors. The mosque contains masjids (small mosques without a pulpit or minaret)/ These are: Qibla Masjid, Old Masjid, Burak Masjid, Westerner’s Masjid, Women’s Masjid and an open-air place for public prayers called El-Mervani. The mosque has four minarets, fifteen domes, twelve Muslim theological schools, eight belts, some public fountains, nices and two porches, one in the west, the other in the north.

Al Aqsa Mosque is the first Qibla of Muslims and third of the Harem mosques. This mosque is accepted as qibla till 624 for about one and a half year as it is known. The name of Al Aqsa Mosque is mentioned in the first verse of the Isra surah,. During Isra, namely the Ascension, Muhammad has said to be told that “I ride on the horse Burak and I went to Sacred Noble Sanctuary (Beytul Makdis).” There, he was ascended to the sky. In the first verse of Isra surah, the environment of Al Aqsa Mosque is declared to be holy. In 638, when Jerusalem was conquered, Al Aqsa Mosque was build build instead of Saced Noble Sanctuary (Beytul Makdis). Today, the remains of Sacred Noble Sanctuary (Beytul Makdis) are named by the Jews as The Wailing Wall and by Muslims as Burak Wall.

Another holy place in Harem-i Serif (the Temple Mount) is Omar Mosque. It is known as the oldest build of Islam on the lands of Palestine. The hill it was built on is said to be the Hill of Temples. The most important Islamic feature of the Omar Mosque (Kubbetus Sahra) of whose dome is covered with golden is that it contains the holy rock. According to the Islamic belief the Prophet Abraham had prepared his son to sacrifice on this rock and the Prophet Muhammad stepped on it as ascended to the sky. Jerusalem is for this reason, is the third holy city of Islam.

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Date: Thursday 03rd of September 2009
Name: Halima
Comments: Comments: Al Aqsa Mosque & Qubbat As-Sakhrah (Jerusalem):


This is beautifull! May Allah bless the person for taking this and showing it to us and I hope in Allah that one day I/us can go and visit this wonderful mosque in safety.


Date: Thursday 10th of September 2009
Name: Juma Abdallah
Comments: May Allah s.w bestow mercy and victory to the palestins and protect the beautiful sanctuary of al aqsa

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