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Tue 21 November 2017



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Taxi to the Dark Side
Date: 12.08.08

Duration: 1:19:03
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Description: Over one hundred prisoners have died in suspicious circumstances in U.S. custody during the "war on terror". Taxi to the Dark Side takes an in-depth look at one case: an Afghan taxi driver called Dilawar who was considered an honest and kind man by the people of his rustic village. So when he was detained by the U.S military one afternoon, after picking up three passengers, denizens wondered why this man was randomly chosen to be held in prison, and, especially, without trial? Five days after his arrest Dilawar died in his Bagram prison cell. His death came within a week of another death of a detainee at Bagram.

The conclusion, with autopsy evidence, was that the former taxi driver and the detainee who passed away before him, had died due to sustained injuries inflicted at the prison by U.S. soldiers. The documentary, by award-winning producer Alex Gibney, carefully develops the last weeks of Dilawar's life and shows how decisions taken at the pinnacle of power in the Bush Administration led directly to Dilawar's brutal death. The film documents how Rumsfeld, together with the White House legal team, were able to convince Congress to approve the use of torture against prisoners of war.

Taxi to the Dark Side is the definitive exploration of the introduction of torture as an interrogation technique in U.S. facilities, and the role played by key figures of the Bush Administration in the process


Date: Saturday 16th of August 2008
Name: Riz
Comments: There is no doubt that, This brutal death has taken place under G.W.Bush order, as the army does all this under his full commands. This is a drop in his war crime activities around the world.
So as UN has taken former Serb president to war crime court, This fellow also should be taken and questioned for all the brutalities taking place under his commands and which is crystal clear.
But I am sure that UN has no backbone to approach him and it is just a puppet only. If this is done by other leaders it will bark. but in US case it will only be a donkey. May God Punish Whoever Harm innocent civilian around the world. Does He find Harmful weapon in Iraq? But I am sure He killed many innocent civilian in Iraq and even now continuing.
Doesn't his support to Israel (stealer of palastine land) Kill many civilian in palastine?
How many poor and innocent Afganies are being killed every day?
Does he think that God will forgive him for all these? I am sure with one thing that He may escape the punishment of the people in the world, but not that of God in hereafter.
For every death which takes palce under his command, I wish God punish him the same number of times.
He says "Our Big Brother is watching all the countries around the world".
But I say "The God of All Humankind is watching his war crimes" and wait for him.


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