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Guidelines from the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR)


The Department has been at the forefront of moves to ensure tour operators understand their responsibilities and obligations to customers.

BERR advises: "In the UK, anyone who (other than occasionally) sells or offers for sale package holidays must comply with the Package Travel Regulations 1992. These set out travel organisers' responsibilities to their customers and the remedies available should there be a breach of the Regulations. The Regulations define a package as something which: is a pre-arranged combination sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price covering a period of more than twenty-four hours and which includes at least two of the following components: transport, accommodation or other significant tourist services (not ancillary to transport or accommodation)."

Suitable Hajj and Umrah travel organisers will be those who are ATOL protected. ATOL is a financial protection scheme for UK tour operators. ATOL membership ensures that if the tour operator goes out of business, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will make a refund to you the consumer, or if you're abroad, arrange for you to finish your package arrangements and fly home.

For the BERR leaflet 'The Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages: important information for booking a pilgrimage package' click here




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